The AECVP brings together pathologists, physicians and basic scientists who have a common interest in the pathology of the heart and blood vessels. Our mission is to promote excellence in all aspects of our specialty: from diagnostic pathology to education, clinical research and basic science in all fields of cardiovascular pathology. We work closely with basic scientists investigating pathophysiological mechanisms of cardiac disease. We serve as a network for referrals, personal contacts, presenting new research data and exchange of scientific knowledge with the aim of increasing the visibility of cardiac pathology. We provide training for pathologists in cardiac pathology including general pathologist and forensic pathologists. We are actively involved in working groups writing on guidelines and consensus position papers dealing with recognized problem areas in cardiovascular pathology. We participate in multicenter research studies throughout Europe and present our findings at international congresses in Europe and worldwide. We have elected a new board in 2017. We have close links with the European Society of Pathology and Cardiology. We run a successful biannual meeting which is next in 2020. All the above activities highlights an active vibrant organisation which is going forward with fresh impetus for the future.

The founding fathers of the AECVP (from left): C.J. Kirkpatrick, G. Thiene, A.E. Becker, P.J. Gallagher, M.J. Davies.